Employees, Staff & Teachers
Name Title Email Lesson Plans
Bender, Cara Assistant Cook Cara.Bender@k12.sd.us  
Bergstrom, Kim Special Education Teacher Kimberly.Bergstrom@k12.sd.us  
Bergstrom, Robert Business & Computer Teacher, Technology Coordinator
(For technology inquiries, sales and other calls call my direct line at
Robert.Bergstrom@k12.sd.us Site
Borah, Andy Head Custodian Andy.Borah@k12.sd.us  
Bottjen, Nicole English Nicole.Bottjen@k12.sd.us Site
Bunger, Carli First Grade Teacher Carli.Bunger@k12.sd.us Site
DeRungs, Deanne Pre-School & Junior High Social Studies Deanne.Derungs@k12.sd.us Site
Dubro, Angel Speech Therapist Angel.Dubro@k12.sd.us  
Fischer, Tony Industrial Arts, Phy Ed, Health & Bus Driver Tony.Fischer@k12.sd.us Site
Graber, Emily Fifth Grade Teacher Emily.Graber@k12.sd.us Site
Halverson, Carol Head Cook Carol.Halverson@k12.sd.us
Hanson, Rebecca Kindergarten Rebecca.Hanson@k12.sd.us Site
Hildebrant, Deann E-Mentor, Assistant Cook & Bus Driver Deann.Hildebrandt@k12.sd.us
Ihler, Lon Social Studies, Junior High & High School Phy Ed Lon.Ihler@k12.sd.us Site
Kattke, Jane Third Grade & Lead Teacher Jane.Kattke@k12.sd.us Site
Koster, Dean Science Teacher Dean.Koster@k12.sd.us Site
Larsen, Nikki Fourth Grade Teacher Nikki.Larsen@k12.sd.us Site
Mallak, Lilianna K-12 Music (General, Instrumental and Vocal) Lilianna.Mallak@k12.sd.us Site
Misar, Amber Sixth Grade Teacher Amber.Misar@k12.sd.us Site
Pederson, Sue Colony Paraprofessional Sue.Pederson@k12.sd.us
Schneider, Cassie Special Education Paraprofessional Cassie.Schneider@k12.sd.us
Stratton, Kaylee Math Teacher Kaylee.Stratton@k12.sd.us Site
Sullivan, Kelly Special Education Teacher Kelly.Sullivan@k12.sd.us
Thompson, Shelby Second Grade Teacher Shelby.Thompson@k12.sd.us Site
Trigg, Chad Colony Teacher Chad.Trigg@k12.sd.us Site
Wicks, Travis Colony Teacher Travis.Wicks@k12.sd.us Site
Wicks, Zack Custodian Zach.Wicks@k12.sd.us  
Administration & Support Services
Name Title Email
Fischer, Michael Superintendent Mike.Fischer@k12.sd.us
Hyland, Kim Secretary Kim.Hyland@k12.sd.us
Johnson, Andrew K-12 Principal & Athletic Director Andrew.R.Johnson@k12.sd.us
Johnson, Cassi Business Manager Cassi.Johnson@k12.sd.us
Wiebe, Katie Counselor Katie.Wiebe@k12.sd.us Site