School Board Meeting

Oldham-Ramona School Dist 39-5

June 13, 2011


     The Oldham-Ramona School Board of Education met in regular session at

7:00 p.m. at the school.  Present were Lisa Beyer, Janelle Dinges, Larry Malcomb, Mike Matson, and Chandra Waikel.  Others present were:  Kelly Sullivan, Teri Jaspers, Dan DeRungs, Jay Hojer, Shelly Pitts, Deb Cassutt, MaryJo Thurow, Jerry VanVooren, Darwin Stewart, Bill Lutter, John Bjorkman, and GayLynn Hagemann.  Chairman Beyer, who established a quorum was present, called the meeting to order.  Unless noted all decisions were unanimous.

     Action #2911:  Motion by Dinges, seconded by Waikel to approve the minutes of May 10, 2011 and the special meeting on May 24, 2011 as presented.

     Action #2912:  Motion by Malcomb, seconded by Waikel to approve the May financial reports as presented.

















Balance 5/01/11
























 County Receipts








 Interest Earned








 Fed. Lunch Reimb








 Lunch/Milk Ticket Rev
























 State of SD--St. Aid








 School owned house-rent








      Total Receipts
























 Accts. Payable
















      Total Disbursmts








Balance 5/31/11









Trust & Agency Acct


   Balance 5/01/11


      Total Receipts


      Total Disbursmnts


   Balance 5/31/11


     Action #2913:  Motion by Waikel, seconded by Matson to approve the following bills for payment.

General Fund

Ace Hardware                      Supplies                         66.61

Alison Eide                       Mowing @ Oldham                 420.00

Barger Electric                   Repairs                          64.07

Brookings Auto Mall               Installed Drivers Ed Brake      163.80

Central Business Supply           Supplies                         21.25

Century Business Product          Maint Cont/Supp/Repair          443.53

Dakota Sports                     Supplies                         16.10

Dan Moran                         Mileage                         266.40

GayLynn Hagemann                  Mileage                          48.10

Hillyard                          Supplies                        615.15

Imprest Fund                      Reimb                           426.28

James River Equipment             Repairs                          80.03

John Bjorkman                     Mileage                         182.06

Judy Voeltz                       Mileage                          17.76

Lake County Int'l                 Bus Service                     530.68

Lewis Drug Inc.                   Supplies                        253.93

Madison Community Hospital        OT & PT/Supplies                 41.40

Madison Daily Leader              Publishing                      289.90

Midwest Glass                     Adjust Doors @ Gym in Oldham    246.91

Petty Cash/Ramona                 Postage/Reimb                    81.27

Prairie Lakes Ed. Coop            Purchased Services               45.68

Rutland School District           Reimb                           104.50

Servall Towel & Linen             Purchased Service               113.18

Sleep Inn -- Airport              Lodging--State Track Meet       310.00

Stan Houston Equip                Supplies                        173.65

Sunshine Foods                    Food/Supplies                    45.52

Variety Foods                     FFVP                            421.80


Capital Outlay Fund

Alliance Communications           Phone Service                    49.81

Alltel/Cellular One               Bus Phone Service                76.40

Bud's Clean-Up Service            Garbage Service                 160.05

City Of Oldham                    Water/Sewer                      29.00

MCI                               Long Distance                    54.03

Mid-American Energy               Heat-Ramona                     283.90

Northwestern Energy               Heat-Oldham                     302.72

NSP Xcel Energy                   Electricity-Ramona              949.12

Ottertail                         Electricity-Oldham               71.85

Pearson Education                 Textbooks                        86.14

R-Store                           Gas/Fuel                      2,981.77

SwiftAir                          Boiler Maint Agmt             1,001.70

Time Management Systems           Payroll Software                 27.60

Town Of Ramona                    Water/Sewer                     137.00


Special Education Fund

Children's Care Hosp & School     Services-Day Program          3,235.75

Flandreau School District Share Of Sped Director/Mileage SF        2,957.28

Laura Hoek                        Mileage                         426.24

Madison Community Hospital        OT & PT/Supplies              2,309.25

Pamida                            Supplies                         10.46

Prairie Lakes Ed. Coop            Purchased Services              987.61


Food Service Fund

Imprest Fund                      Reimb                            88.01

Patsy Schaffer                    Lunch Ticket Refund             163.50

Servall Towel & Linen             Purchased Service                26.52

Spring Lake Colony                Contracted Meals              2,478.74

Sunshine Foods                    Food/Supplies                    67.12

Variety Foods                     Food/Dairy                    1,516.41


After-School Program

Imprest Fund                      Reimb                            10.50

Pamida                            Supplies                         19.18

     The structural analysis of the school building was completed on Thursday,

June 9, 2011.  The board has not received the written report from the inspector.  The inspector found the building to be more than adequate for the safety of the students at this time.  Recommendations will be written into the final report.  Core samples of concrete were taken to be analyzed and the full report should be available by the July meeting. 

     Superintendent Bjorkman was instructed to coordinate a time with contractors for the public meeting.  No time or date has been set.

     Action #2914:  Motion by Waikel, seconded by Dinges to approve health insurance for 2011-12 through SD School’s Group Insurance Pool/Apple Tree/Sanford Health.

     Action #2915:  Motion by Matson, seconded by Matson to approve paying an extra month of health insurance premiums to cover the “tail” when changing from SD School District Benefit Fund to SD School’s Group Insurance.

     Action #2916:  Motion by Dinges, seconded by Malcomb to accept the resignation from John Bjorkman, superintendent.

     Action #2917:  Motion by Dinges, seconded by Waikel to approve three employment contracts.  Jesse Kroupa, 2011 Jr High track coach, $1100, and two contracts for the coming school year.

     Action #2918:  Motion by Malcomb, seconded by Waikel to set the date for the budget hearing as Thursday, July 14, 2011 at 7:15 p.m.

     The Prairie Lakes Educational Coop report was given by Mike Matson.

     Superintendent Bjorkman gave his report.

     Action #2919:  Motion by Dinges, seconded by Malcomb to enter into executive session to discuss personnel.  Chairman Beyer declared the board out of executive session at 8:20 p.m.

     The next regular meeting of the board is scheduled for Thursday, July 14, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.

     Action #2920:  Motion by Malcomb, seconded by Matson to adjourn at 8:22 p.m.



GayLynn Hagemann                              Lisa Beyer

Business Manager                              Board President


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