School Board Meeting

Oldham-Ramona School Dist 39-5

July 14, 2011


     The Oldham-Ramona School Board of Education met in regular session at 7:00 p.m. at the school.  Present were Lisa Beyer, Janelle Dinges, Larry Malcomb, Mike Matson, and Chandra Waikel.  Others present were Jay Hojer, Deanne DeRungs, Brian Sieh, Dr. Dan Moran, and GayLynn Hagemann.  Chairman Beyer, who established a quorum was present, called the meeting to order.  Unless noted all motions were unanimous.

     Action #2926:  Motion by Malcomb, seconded by Dinges to approve payment of the following bills to end the 2010-2011 school year.

General Fund

Ace Hardware                      Supplies                        117.51

Alison Eide                       Mowing @ Oldham                 315.00

Argus Leader                      Advertising                     350.00

Barger Electric                   Repairs                         158.41

Brookings Register                Advertising                      80.43

Century Business Prod             Maint Cont/Supp/Repair          340.11

Chandra Waikel                    Mileage                          51.80

Connecting Point                  Server/Networking/Supplies       59.00

Estelline School District         Region Track Meet Expenses      148.68

F & M Oil                         Propane                          16.96

GayLynn Hagemann                  Mileage                          44.40

Imprest Fund                      Reimb                            91.99

Interlakes Medical Center         Bus Driver Physical             128.00

Interstate All Battery Ctr        Supplies                        246.90

Janelle Dinges                    Mileage                          19.24

Jesselyn Christenson              Grad Credit                      60.00

Ken's Repair                      Repairs/Service                 371.48

Lisa Beyer                        Mileage                          24.42

Madison Daily Leader              Publishing                      128.71

McLeod's                          Supplies                        146.33

Mike Matson                       Mileage                          25.90

Office Peeps                      Supplies                         60.67

Petty Cash/Ramona                 Postage/Reimb                    47.48

Power Promotions                  Supplies                         11.60

Prairie Lakes Ed. Coop            Purchased Services              124.07

Rutland School District           Reimb                         1,319.52

SD Dept. Of Health                Nurse Services                  116.00

SD Unemployment Ins. Division     Qtrly Unempl Ins Premium        600.00

Sharlene Jensen                   Reimb Supplies                   12.00

Software Unlimited                Workshop                         20.00


Capital Outlay Fund

Alliance Communications           Phone Service                    57.53

Alltel/Cellular One               Bus Phone Service                29.90

Apex Structural Design            School Inspection             2,847.69

At&T Mobility                     Bus Phones                       48.25

Bud's Clean-Up Service            Garbage Service                 160.05

City Of Oldham                    Water/Sewer                      29.00

Connecting Point                  Server/Networking/Supplies    9,992.60

MCI                               Long Distance                   107.55

Mid-American Energy               Heat-Ramona                      29.12

Northwestern Energy               Heat-Oldham                      76.42

NSP Xcel Energy                   Electricity-Ramona              788.33

Ottertail                         Electricity-Oldham               60.05

R-Stop & Shop                     Gas/Fuel                        555.53

R-Store                           Gas/Fuel                        285.96

Time Management Systems            Payroll Software                 27.60

Town Of Ramona                    Water/Sewer                     104.00


Special Education Fund

Children's Care Hosp & School     Services-Day Program          4,745.75

Flandreau School District         Share Of Sped Director/Mlg SF 2,261.91

Laura Hoek                        Mileage                         156.88

Madison Community Hospital        OT & PT/Supplies                480.71

Prairie Lakes Ed. Coop            Purchased Services            1,116.61

SD Unemployment Ins. Division     Qtrly Unempl Ins Premium        507.34


Food Service Fund

Child And Adult Nutrition Serv-Doe Food                            127.56

Traci Burger                      Mileage                         170.20


     Action #2927:  Motion by Matson, seconded by Waikel to approve the minutes of June 13, 2011 and the minutes of the special meeting on June 27, 2011 as presented.

     Action #2928:  Motion by Waikel, seconded by Matson to approve the June financial reports.

     Action #2929:  Motion by Malcomb, seconded by Dinges to move additional expenditures from General Fund to Pension Fund in the amount of $4,436.45 for

SD Retirement System. 

     Action #2930:  Motion by Matson, seconded by Waikel to approve moving the Building Fund interest to the General Fund, amount $27,901.46.


     Action #2931:  Motion by Dinges, seconded by Waikel to approve the following contingency transfers and supplemental budget changes.


Contingency Transfers:

General Fund


     Middle School/JH-salaries                  $4,877.00

     School Library Services-salaries                   $667.77

Means of Finance:

     Contingencies-misc objects                 $5,544.77



     Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Prgm-supplies      $2,996.45

Means of Finance:

     Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Prgm Grant         $2,996.45


Supplemental Budget Changes:

Pension Fund


     1111 Elem Program Rtmt                      $4,436.45

Means of Finance:

     Pension Fund Surplus                       $4,436.45


     Action #2932:  Motion by Matson, seconded by Malcomb to enter into executive session at 7:26 p.m. to discuss personnel.  Chairman Beyer declared the board out of executive session at 8:16 p.m.

     Action #2933:  Motion by Dinges, seconded by Malcomb to hire Brian Sieh as superintendent.

     Action #2934:  Motion by Waikel, seconded by Matson to adjourn the school board of 2010-2011.


     The 2011-2012 school board meeting was called to order by interim Superintendent Dr. Moran.

     Incumbent board member Mike Matson and new board member Jay Hojer took the oath of office.

     Action #2935:  Motion by Waikel, seconded by Malcomb to nominate Lisa Beyer as board president for 2011-12.

     Action #2936:  Motion by Matson, seconded by Waikel that nominations cease for board president.

     Action #2937:  Motion by Beyer, seconded by Waikel to nominate Larry Malcomb as vice-president for 2011-12.

     Action #2938:  Motion by Hojer, seconded by Matson that nominations cease for vice-president.

     Action #2939:  Motion by Waikel, seconded by Matson to approve the following bills for payment.


General Fund

American State Bank               Bond                            275.00

ASBSD                             Membership Dues                 766.52

Atomic Sports                     Supplies                        320.00

Continental Western Ins.          Insurance Premium             8,072.00

Mary Jo Thurow                    Supplies                        121.88

NESC Purchasing                   Supplies-Paper                1,130.00

Ron Tolley                        Parking Lot Repairs              40.00

Sanford Health Plan               Health Ins-1/2 June           4,000.00

SASD                              Membership Dues                 453.20

SD Coalition Of Schools           Contribution                    500.00

SD Teacher Placement              Membership Dues                 420.00


Capital Outlay Fund

Connecting Point                  Server/Networking/Supplies    2,000.00

Continental Western Ins.          Insurance Premium            11,059.00

First National Bank               Pmt On Capital Outlay Certif's 29,802.50

NCS Pearson                       Write To Learn Subscriptions    140.00

Renaissance Learning              Accel Reader Quiz/Tech Support 1,399.00


Special Education Fund

Continental Western Ins.          Insurance Premium             1,000.00

Sanford Health Plan               Health Ins-1/2 June           1,306.83


Food Service Fund

Spring Lake Colony                Contracted Meals              3,677.60

     Action #2940:  Motion by Matson, seconded by Malcomb to adopt the proposed budget.

     Action #2941:  Motion by Waikel, seconded by Hojer to approve the following for the 2011-2012 school year.

1.   Designate official depository for school funds as the American State Bank.

2.   Designate official newspaper as the Madison Daily Leader.

3.   Designate official time and location of regular board meetings as the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the O-R School resource room.

4.   Authorize Vice President to sign checks in absence of the President.

5.   Authorize Business Manager to negotiate loans and make investments with notes signed by the Board President.

6.   Recognize Title I Advisory Council as Jane Lee and the parent group.

7.   Designate Superintendent to be purchasing agent with $2,500 limit.

8.   Authorize the Superintendent to dismiss school in case of inclement weather or emergencies with designee responsible in his absence.

9.   Authorize the Superintendent to institute the school lunch agreement.

10.  Authorize the Superintendent to determine eligibility for free and reduced meals.

11.  Designate interest for Trust & Agency to the School Yearbook Fund.  Designate interest for General, Special Ed., Capital Outlay, and Pension funds to go to the General Fund.

12.  Designate board member Matson to serve as Prairie Lakes Educational Cooperative representative and Waikel as the alternate.

13.  Designate board member Malcomb to serve as the delegate to Associated School Boards of SD and Hojers as the alternate.

14.  Set bond for Business Manager at $50,000 and Secretary at $25,000.

15.  Designate Superintendent as the food service contact person and director.

16.  Appointment of administrators of Trust & Agency Accounts as Shar Jensen and GayLynn Hagemann.

17.  Appoint Federal Programs director as Superintendent.

18.  Set Admission Rates, per co-op agreement:                                                                                           Single            Season

            Adult                         $ 4.00            $ 30.00

            Student                       $ 2.00            $ 10.00

            Seniors Citizen (62yrs+)      $ 4.00            $ 20.00

            Family Pass(immediate family only)              $ 75.00

19.  Set substitute teacher salaries as certified $75.00, non-certified $65.00, and long-term substitute pay (as of the 11th consecutive day as substitute in the same classroom) as $90.00. 

20.  Set meal prices:                     K-6         7-12        Adult

                  Reduced Breakfast        .30         .30

            Full Breakfast          1.00        1.00        1.50

Reduced Lunch           .40         .40                         

Full Lunch              1.85        2.25        2.75

                  Extra Milk              .25        .25          .25

21.  State policy of civil rights:  The Oldham-Ramona School District #39-5 resolves not to discriminate against anyone because of race, sex, creed, color, or national origin.  Educational programs and/or activities and employment opportunities will be offered without regard to sex, race, color, national origin, or handicap.  Persons seeking information or having complaints may contact Mr. Brian Sieh, Supt. Of Schools, Oldham-Ramona Schools, Box 8, Ramona, SD  57054, telephone (605)482-8244, who coordinates Title IX and Section 504, Affirmative Action and The Americans With Disabilities Act Compliance Activities, or contact Regional Director, U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, 10220 North Executive Hills Boulevard, 8th Floor, Kansas City, Missouri 64153-1367.

22.  Set per diem for school board members at $40.00 per meeting plus mileage, $55.00 for Board President plus mileage.

23.  Set mileage rate at the state rate.

24.  Approve the submission of the Consolidated Application.

     Action #2942:  Motion by Matson, seconded by Malcomb to approve the Delta Dental monthly insurance rates for 2011-12 as $44.78 single and $121.06 family.

     Action #2943:  Motion by Waikel, seconded by Matson to approve the student handbooks for 2011-12 with two changes.  Page 20-detention will be made on a non-school day if possible.  Page 11-National Honor Society change to 3.2 GPA.

     The board discussed the “Food Service Management Contract” with Spring Lake Colony and will be issuing the contract at the same rates as last year.

     Action #2944:  Motion by Waikel, seconded by Malcomb to approve employment contracts for 2011-12.

     Action #2945:  Motion by Malcomb, seconded by Waikel to approve open enrollment applications for three students.

     Mike Matson gave the Prairie Lakes Educational Co-op report.

     The board heard interim Superintendent Dr. Moran’s report.  The school open house for students and parents will be Monday, August 15 from 5:00-7:00 p.m.

     Action #2946:  Motion by Waikel, seconded by Hojer to enter into executive session at 9:34 p.m. to discuss personnel.  Chairman Beyer declared the board out of executive session at 10:03 p.m.

     Action #2947:  Motion by Malcomb, seconded by Waikel to approve the business manager contract as amended.

     The next regular meeting of the board is scheduled for Monday, August 8, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.

     Action #2948:  Motion by Matson, seconded by Hojer to adjourn at 10:05 p.m.



GayLynn Hagemann                              Lisa Beyer

Business Manager                              Board President


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