School Board Meeting

Oldham-Ramona School Dist 39-5

September 12, 2011

     The Oldham-Ramona School Board of Education met in regular session at 7:00 p.m. at the school.  Present were Lisa Beyer, Larry Malcomb, Mike Matson, Chandra Waikel, and Jay Hojer.  Others present were Dick Amert, Bill Lutter, Shane Waikel, Glenn Albers, Supt Brian Sieh, and Business Manager GayLynn Hagemann.  Chairman Beyer, who established a quorum was present, called the meeting to order.  Unless noted all motions were unanimous.

     Action #2981:  Motion by Waikel, seconded by Hojer to approve the minutes of August 8, August 15, August 22, and August 29 as presented.

     Action #2982:  Motion by Matson, seconded by Waikel to approve the financial reports as presented.


















Balance 8/01/11
























 County Receipts








 Interest Earned








 Fed. Lunch Reimb








 Lunch/Milk Ticket Rev








 Lunch Accts Rcvbl-2011
























 State of SD--St. Aid








 School owned house-rent








 Sioux Valley TV








State-Fresh Fruit&Veg Prgm








 State-Phone Gross Receipts








Sioux Valley Energy-Op Round Up
















State-Part B Birth to 3-summer








 Qtrly Medicaid Admin
















      Total Receipts
















 Accts. Payable
















      Total Disbursmts








Balance 8/31/11








Trust & Agency Acct



   Balance 8/01/11



      Total Receipts



      Total Disbursmnts



   Balance 8/31/11




     Action #2983:  Motion by Waikel, seconded by Matson to approve the following bills for payment.


General Fund

Ace Hardware                      Supplies                         94.26

Alison Eide                       Mowing @ Oldham                 315.00

Americ Inn                        Room During Potato Days          86.70

ASBSD                             Conference Registrations        410.00

Brookings Register                Advertising/Subscription         85.12

Campbell Supply                   Supplies/Repairs                 15.97

Cengage Learning                  Supplies                         32.07

Century Business Prod.            Maint Cont/Supp/Repair          320.57

Continental Western Ins.          Insurance Premium                20.00

Dakota Sports                     Supplies                        162.45

Donna Mathison                    Supplies/Mileage                 43.92

F & M Oil                         Propane                           6.95

Follett Ed. Services              Textbooks/Supplies               96.00

Frey                              Supplies                        521.27

GayLynn Hagemann                  Mileage                         105.82

Hillyard                          Supplies/Equipment            1,493.77

Home Away From Home               Rent House                      500.00

Houghton-Mifflin                  Supplies/Textbooks              544.56

Imprest Fund                      Reimb                         1,387.34

Interlakes Medical Center         Bus Driver Physical             133.00

Katie Brown                       Supplies                         18.79

KBRK-FM B93                       Advertisement                   125.00

Lowe's                            Supplies                         63.09

Madison Daily Leader              Publishing                      728.33

Menards                           Supplies                        206.93

Michael Johnson Const.            Gravel                          229.40

Nikki Larsen                      Grad Credit                      90.00

Noble Ink & Toner                 Printer Toner                    86.38

Office Peeps                      Supplies                        184.85

Payroll Clearing Account          Health Ins.                     689.00

Pearson Education                 Supplies                        153.29

Petty Cash/Ramona                 Postage/Reimb                   143.31

Power Promotions                  Supplies                         54.35

Prairie Lakes Ed. Coop            Purchased Services              142.56

Radio Shack                       Supplies                         32.97

Ramada Inn--Airport               Lodging                         198.00

Really Good Stuff                 Supplies/Books                  140.24

Rodney Freeman, Jr., & Others     Lawsuit W Concerned Citizens  2,053.85

Rutland School District           Reimb                           252.84

SDASBO                            Registration                     50.00

Servall Towel & Linen             Purchased Service                34.35

Smile Makers                      Supplies                         72.71

Sunshine Foods                    Food/Supplies                    20.97

Teacher's Helper                  Supplies                         22.34

Tennant Sales & Service           Floor Scrubber Repairs           60.95

Training Room                     Supplies                         37.56

Variety Foods                     FFVP                            377.83

Zaner-Bloser                      Supplies                        119.79


Capital Outlay Fund

Alliance Communications           Phone Service                    50.01

At&T Mobility                     Cell Phone                      121.05

Bud's Clean-Up Service            Garbage Service                 160.05

City Of Oldham                    Water/Sewer                      38.78

Connecting Point                  2 Promethean Boards           4,460.00

Dissenger Reed                    Student Catastrophic Ins.       750.00

Follett Ed. Services              Textbooks/Supplies              692.52

Hewlett-Packard                   13 Laptops                   13,260.00

Hillyard                          Equipment                       806.00

Houghton-Mifflin                  Supplies/Textbooks               46.48

Lake County Int'l                 Bus Repair                      948.93

MCI                               Long Distance                    52.92

Mid-American Energy               Heat-Ramona                      40.96

Northwestern Energy               Heat-Oldham                      23.77

NSP Xcel Energy                   Electricity-Ramona            1,128.41

Office Peeps                      Equip-Paper Shredder            259.70

Ottertail                         Electricity-Oldham               57.17

Pepper At Eckroth                 Supplies/Music                   22.94

R-Stop & Shop                     Gas/Fuel                      2,009.98

Time Management Systems           Payroll Software                 32.20

Town Of Ramona                    Water/Sewer                     125.00


Special Education Fund

Beth Misar                        Reimb Background Check           53.25

Brookings Register                Advertising/Subscription        192.00

Children's Care Hosp & School     Services-Day Program          3,485.50

Deann Hildebrandt                 Mileage                          10.73

Hewlett-Packard                   2 Laptops                     2,040.00

Imprest Fund                      Reimb                           200.00

Laura Hoek                        Mileage                         189.44

Madison Community Hospital        OT & PT/Supplies                175.37

Ncs Pearson                       Supplies                        349.01

Prairie Lakes Ed. Coop            Purchased Services              516.09

School Specialty/Classroom Direct Supplies                         26.41

Shelly Pitts                      Mileage                           7.40

Teri Jaspers                      Mileage                           8.14


Building Project Fund-- 4/08/2010

Swiftair                          New Boiler-Downpmt            4,055.00


Food Service Fund

Anna Lisa Mosser                  Reimb Background Check           43.25

Avera Pace                        Food Purch Service              360.00

Imprest Fund                      Reimb                            34.88

Servall Towel & Linen             Purchased Service                19.00

Spring Lake Colony                Contracted Meals              3,171.36

Sunshine Foods                    Food/Supplies                    17.16

Variety Foods                     Food/Dairy                    4,124.68

     After discussion with Dick Amert, construction manager the following motions were made.

     Action #2984:  Motion by Malcomb, seconded by Matson to remove the current stage in order to add more bleacher space for additional seating, use part of the back of the stage area for storage of folding chairs, and approve the revised floor plan/design which includes the two additional classrooms and a set of restrooms.

     Action #2985:  Motion by Matson, seconded by Waikel to accept the bid from Derksen Floors to install the wood floor, $61,000 including completing the transition areas.

     Action #2986: Motion by Hojer, seconded by Malcomb to accept the bid for designing the kitchen area from R.L. Mather Kitchen, Dining, and Bar Lay-Out & Design, $4,500.

     Action #2987:  Motion by Waikel, seconded by Hojer to have InTek remove the mold from two classrooms, cost is approximately $6,555.67 per classroom.

     Action #2988:  Motion by Malcomb, seconded by Matson to adopt the “Virtual High School” addition to the high school policy handbook.

     Action #2989:  Motion by Waikel, seconded by Matson to approve employment contracts for Beth Misar, assistant cook/Special Ed aide, $8.50/hour and Richard Caldwell, Special Ed transportation, $95.00/day.

     Action #2990:  Motion by Hojer, seconded by Malcomb to print business advertisements in the athletic programs for $25 for FB/VB, $25 for GBB, and $25 for BBB.  To date the businesses who have contacted Supt Sieh are Breske Crop Insurance, Hanson’s Pioneer Seed, VanHove Crop Insurance, and DeCurtin’s & Sons Contracting.

     The Oldham kitchen/gym was discussed.  Supt Sieh will be revising the rental agreement.  The rental cost will be adjusted and a deposit fee will be required to cover custodial expenses if needed.  Renters will have to provide a hardcopy of proof of creditable insurance coverage.  The table and chair storage issue was also discussed.  The storage racks need to be re-vamped to fit under the stage.

     At this time no one has offered to work in the concession stand.

     Action #2991:  Motion by Malcomb, seconded by Hojer to increase the Capital Outlay county tax request by $19,825.  (FY2011 was $350,000.)

     The board discussed selling the land south of the school gym in Oldham.  Supt Sieh is to contact Rodney Freeman to check on the sale process.

     Action #2992:  Motion by Hojer, seconded by Waikel to approve the October 1, 2011 renewal rate increase for vision insurance through Vision Services Plan ($9.60 single, $19.75 family).

     Supt Sieh presented the board with first readings of the current and updated handbook policies relating to dress code, attendance/tardy policies, and behavior policy.

     The board gratefully received a check from the Band Boosters for the cost of gas from last year’s band trip.

     The board heard Superintendent Sieh’s report. 

     Action #2993:  Motion by Hojer, seconded by Matson to enter into executive session at 10:02 p.m. to discuss personnel.  Chairman Beyer declared the board out of executive session at 10:37 p.m.

     Action #2994:  Motion by Malcomb, seconded by Waikel to amend Carol Swier’s contract to change the hourly rate as certified aide to $12.50/hour.

     The next regular meeting of the board is scheduled for Monday, October 10, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.

     Action #2995:  Motion by Waikel, seconded by Matson to adjourn at

10:40 p.m.




GayLynn Hagemann                        Lisa Beyer

Business Manager                        Board President


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