Regular School Board Meeting

Oldham-Ramona School Dist 39-5

June 12, 2012

     The Oldham-Ramona School Board of Education met in regular session at 7:00 p.m. at the school.  Present were Lisa Beyer, Larry Malcomb, Mike Matson, Chandra Waikel, and Jay Hojer.  Others present were Dick Amert, Lance Hageman, Tom & Jeannie Ludens, Ryan Townsend, Deanne DeRungs, Supt Dan Moran, and Business Manager GayLynn Hagemann.  Chairman Beyer, who established a quorum was present, called the meeting to order.  Unless noted all motions were unanimous.

     Action #4045:  Motion by Malcomb, seconded by Waikel to approve the minutes of May 14, 2012 as presented.

     Action #4046:  Motion by Waikel, seconded by Matson to approve the May financial reports as presented.

















Balance 5/01/12
























 County Receipts








 Interest Earned








 Fed. Lunch Reimb








 Lunch/Milk Ticket Rev








 Lunch Accts Rcvbl-2011
















 Pre-School Donations
















 State of SD--St. Aid








 State--One Time Money








 Sioux Valley TV








State-Fresh Fruit&Veg Prgm








Reimb SpEd Travel to CCHS








Title I/ REAP grants








 IDEA part B & pre-schl








 Qtrly Medicaid Admin








Interlakes United Way








      Total Receipts
















 Accts. Payable
















      Total Disbursmts








Balance 5/31/12








Trust & Agency Acct



   Balance 5/01/12



      Total Receipts



      Total Disbursmnts



   Balance 5/31/12



     Action #4047:  Motion by Malcomb, seconded by Matson to approve the following bills for payment.


General Fund

Ace Hardware                      Supplies                          8.95

Cash                              State Golf Meet-Meal Money      138.00

Century Business Prod.            Maint Cont/Supp/Repair          182.35

Dan Moran                         Mileage                         399.60

F & M Oil                         Gas/Fuel                         43.07

Foster's Glass & Mirror           Replaced Bus Windshield         420.22

Hillyard                          Supplies                      1,102.25

Imprest Fund                      Reimb                         1,149.99

Interstate All Battery Ctr        Supplies                         19.20

Jesselyn Christenson              Grad Credits                     80.00

Jostens                           Supplies                         31.24

Julie Larson                      Grad Credits                     80.00

Katie Brown                       Grad Credits                     80.00

Kelly Sullivan                    Grad Credit                      40.00

Larry Malcomb                     State Golf Meet-Travel Expense  404.90

Lowe's                            Supplies                         41.26

Madison Daily Leader              Publishing                      350.61

Nikki Larsen                      Grad Credit/Supplies             51.48

Pamida                            Supplies                         12.57

Petty Cash/Ramona                 Postage/Reimb                    30.10

Power Promotions                  Supplies                         61.06

Prairie Lakes Ed. Coop            Purchased Services               61.40

Pro-Build                         Supplies-Build Stage            282.35

Rodney Freeman, Jr., & Others     Legal Services                  428.24

Rutland School District           Reimb                         4,550.75

Servall Towel & Linen             Purchased Service                60.91

Sunshine Foods                    Food/Supplies/FFVP              105.87

Technology&Innovations In Educ    TIE Conference Registrations    520.00

Variety Foods                     FFVP                            216.94


Capital Outlay Fund

Alliance Communications           Phone Service                    38.29

At&T Mobility                     Cell Phone                       96.51

Bud's Clean-Up Service            Garbage Service                 176.06

City Of Oldham                    Water/Sewer                      29.00

DeCurtins & Sons                  Oldham Gym-Alumni Room        3,803.85

MCI                               Long Distance                    55.55

Mid-American Energy               Heat-Ramona                     264.26

Montgomery's Furniture            Oldham-Alumni Room/Final Pay  1,442.77

NSP Xcel Energy                   Electricity-Ramona            1,246.14

Ottertail Power Co.               Electricity-Oldham               61.34

R-Stop-N-Shop                     Gas/Fuel                      1,185.47

School Specialty/Classroom Direct Desks & Chairs                2,772.70

Time Management Systems           Payroll Software                 33.18

Town Of Ramona                    Water/Sewer                     229.00


Special Education Fund

Children's Care Hosp & School     Services-Day Program          3,872.25

Children's Home Society           Residential Plcmnt            1,714.02

Flandreau School District         Sped Director Fees-1 Mo.        558.46

FleetCor                          Vehicle&Bus Fuel                622.65

Imprest Fund                      Reimb                           240.22

Madison Community Hospital        OT & PT/Supplies                908.41

Petty Cash/Ramona                 Postage/Reimb                    67.00

Prairie Lakes Ed. Coop            Purchased Services            1,057.49

Technology&Innovations In Educ    Tie Conference Registrations    380.00


Building Project Fund 4/08/2010

Amert Construction                Constr In Progress/Payrequest8 22,269.55

Barger Electric                   HVAC #5                       5,812.87

F.M. Acoustical Tile              Ceiling Tile-Final Pay Request  400.00

Institutions Services             Kitchen Equip-Final Pay Request 10,247.25

Montgomery's Furniture            Oldham-Alumni Room/Final Pay  7,004.00


Food Service Fund

Child And Adult Nutrition Serv-Doe Food                            142.50

Imprest Fund                      Reimb                           545.00

Jack's Cold Storage               Purchased Service                48.00

Servall Towel & Linen             Purchased Service                24.97

Spring Lake Colony                Contracted Meals              2,714.74

Sunshine Foods                    Food/Supplies                   147.94

Variety Foods                     Food/Dairy                    1,511.58


Enterprise Funds--ASP & Driver's Ed

Brookings Auto Mall               Installed Drivers Ed Brake      215.03

F & M Oil                         Gas/Fuel                         69.05

Follett Ed. Services              Textbooks/Supplies               44.24

Petty Cash/Ramona                 Postage/Reimb                    19.35


     Dick Amert gave an update on the building project and remodeling that is taking place.  July 2nd until August1 is the time frame Amert Construction will be covering the remaining gymnasium ceiling with vinyl and insulation.

     Action #4048:  Motion by Matson, seconded by Waikel to approve the “Professional Agreement” for 2012-13.

     Action #4049:  Motion by Hojer, seconded by Waikel to approve a batch of employment contracts for 2012-13 for the certified, non-certified, and sport co-op coaches.

     Action #4050:  Motion by Hojer, seconded by Matson to approve the business manager contract for 2012-13 for GayLynn Hagemann.

     Action #4051:  Motion by Malcomb, seconded by Matson to approve the superintendent contract for 2012-13 for Tom Ludens.

     Action #4052:  Motion by Waikel, seconded by Matson to approve the pre-school program for the coming year.  There will be no official fee charged, but donations will be accepted.  Bussing will be available in the mornings but parents will have to arrange transportation home as there will not be mid-day transportation.

     Action #4053:  Motion by Malcomb, seconded by Hojer to amend the school calendar as to have school five days the week of Homecoming and take the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off.

     Action #4054:  Motion by Malcomb, seconded by Matson to approve an open enrollment application.

     Action #4055:  Motion by Matson, seconded by Waikel to approve the contract with the State Department of Health for county health nurse services, $600.

     Action #4056:  Motion by Matson, seconded by Waikel to surplus the following items from the old kitchen:  stove, dishwasher, three compartment sink, steam table, and kitchen cabinets.

     Action #4057:  Motion by Malcomb, seconded by Waikel to donate the items surplused to the Ramona Fire Department.

     Action #4058:  Motion by Matson, seconded by Hojer to approve membership in the SD High School Activities Association for 2012-13.

     Action #4059:  Motion by Malcomb, seconded by Matson to vote for Mark Hofer from Sioux Falls Roosevelt HS for the SDHSAA Division I representative.

     Action #4060:  Motion by Hojer, seconded by Matson to accept the resignation of Donna Mathison, music teacher.

     The board discussed the golf program.  A decision was made to continue the program for the coming year.

     The budget hearing will be held on July 10, 2012 at 7:15 p.m.

     Mike Matson, the school’s Prairie Lakes Educational Coop representative, reported on their meeting.

     Superintendent Moran gave the superintendent’s report.

     The next regular meeting of the board is scheduled for Tuesday, July 10, 2012 at 7:00 p.m.

     Action $4061:  Motion by Matson, seconded by Malcomb to adjourn at 10:35 p.m.



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Business Manager                      Board President


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