Regular School Board Meeting

Oldham-Ramona School Dist 39-5

June 10, 2013

     The Oldham-Ramona School Board of Education met in regular session at

7:00 p.m. at the school.  Present were Lisa Beyer, Larry Malcomb, Mike Matson, Jay Hojer, and Lance Hageman.  Others present were Superintendent Tom Ludens and Business Manager GayLynn Hagemann.  Chairman Beyer, who established a quorum was present, called the meeting to order.  Unless noted all motions were unanimous.

     Action #4174:  Motion by Malcomb, seconded by Hageman to approve the minutes of May 13, 2013 as presented.

     Action #4175:  Motion by Matson, seconded by Malcomb to approve the revised agenda.

     Mike Matson gave the Prairie Lakes Educational Co-op report.

     Superintendent Ludens gave his report.  He discussed the progress of the end-of-year reports, gave a staffing progress report, a transportation update, and discussed summer work to be completed on the buildings.  Also discussed was the expiration of Larry Malcomb’s term as a board member.  There were no nominating petitions received for the position.  At this point Mr. Ludens explained to the board that they are to appoint someone for one year.

     Action #4176:  Motion by Malcomb, seconded by Matson to approve the consent agenda items:  May financial reports, bills for payment in June, and to accept the resignations of Erin Kang as music instructor, Lisa Kraning as computer instructor/tech, Julie Larson as English instructor, and Rick Braskamp & Brian Erickson as bus route drivers.
















Drivers Ed

Balance 5/01/13
























 County Receipts








 Interest Earned








 Fed. Lunch Reimb








 Lunch/Milk Tickets








Lunch Accts 2012
















 Pre-Schl Donations
















State of SD-St Aid








 Sioux Valley TV








State-Fresh Fruit&Veg Prgm








IDEA SpEd Grants








Reimb SpEd Travel to CCHS








Qtrly Medicaid Admin








      Total Receipts
















 Accts. Payable
















    Total Disbursmts








Balance 5/31/13









Trust & Agency Acct


Balance 5/01/13


  Total Receipts


  Total Disbursmnts


Balance 5/31/13



General Fund

                                   Ace Hardware                    Supplies    118.06     

                                   Campbell Supply         Supplies/Repairs    41.95

                                   Century Business Prod.    Maint Contract    211.62     

                                   Dakota Sports                   Supplies    16.35

                                   Dale's Alignment                 Repairs    61.80

                                   Dan Moran                        Mileage    159.10     

                                   Hardware Hank                   Supplies    48.45

                                   Hillyard                        Supplies    1,286.44   

                                   Imprest Fund                       Reimb    347.74     

                                   Instrumentalist                 Supplies    15.50

                                   J. Martin Plumbing               Repairs    229.59     

                                   James River Equipment            Repairs    64.21

                                   Judy Voeltz                      Mileage    87.32

                                   KolorWorks Paint & Decoration   Supplies    434.85     

                                   Lewis Drug                      Supplies    16.99

                                   Lisa Kraning                Grad Credits    165.00     

                                   Madison Community Hospital OT & PT/Supplies  50.35

                                   Madison Daily Leader          Publishing    196.21     

                                   Mary Jo Thurow         Reimb Praxis Test    140.00     

                                   Nikki Larsen                    Supplies    28.24

                                   Pepper At Eckroth         Supplies/Music    94.92

                                   Petty Cash                 Postage/Reimb    51.58

                                   Power Promotions                Supplies    60.75

                                   Prairie Lakes Ed. Coop Purchased Services    50.60

                                   Rodney Freeman, Jr., & Others Legal Services 80.50

                                   Rutland School District Reimb Sports Salaries, Etc 6,390.01                                  

                                   Servall Towel & Linen  Purchased Service    86.03

                                   Shane A. Waikel          Mowing @ Oldham    420.00     

                                   Tennant Sales & Service Floor Scrubber Repairs     175.04                                  

                                   Variety Foods            Food/Dairy/FFVP    170.05     


Capital Outlay Fund

                                   Alliance Communications    Phone Service    146.54     

                                   Bud's Clean-Up Service   Garbage Service    184.86     

                                   City Of Oldham               Water/Sewer    32.00

                                   F & M Oil                       Gas/Fuel    2,329.65   

                                   MCI                        Long Distance    55.90

                                   Mid-American Energy          Heat-Ramona    606.06     

                                   Northwestern Energy          Heat-Oldham    470.90     

                                   NSP Xcel Energy       Electricity-Ramona    1,375.53   

                                   Ottertail Power Co.   Electricity-Oldham    80.17

                                   Prostrollo Auto Mall             Repairs    1,680.31   

                                   SHI International Corp          Software    1,626.50   

                                   Spring Lake Colony School Building Lease-FY2013    7,000.00                                  

                                   Time Management Systems Payroll Software    25.00

                                   Town Of Ramona               Water/Sewer    163.38     


Special Education Fund

                                   Cenex CHS                           Fuel    134.00     

                                   Children's Care Hosp & School Day Program    5,133.50   

                                   Children's Home Society Residential Plcmnt   2,540.01   

                                   F & M Oil                       Gas/Fuel    921.00     

                                   Flandreau School District SpEd Director Fees-1 Mo. 561.62                                  

                                   Madison Community Hospital OT & PT/Supplies  828.78     

                                   Prairie Lakes Ed. Coop Purchased Services    879.09     

                                   Rambler Stop                        Fuel    115.00     


Food Service Fund

                                   Imprest Fund                       Reimb    74.00

                                   Marilyn Riedel                   Mileage    89.54

                                   Servall Towel & Linen  Purchased Service    38.97

                                   Spring Lake Colony      Contracted Meals    2,694.56   

                                   Sunshine Foods             Food/Supplies    18.35

                                   Variety Foods                 Food/Dairy    1,034.04   


Enterprise Funds--Asp & Drivers Ed

                                   Brookings Auto Mall Drivers Ed Car Rental/Brake    552.95                                  

                                   Sunshine Foods             Food/Supplies    30.24


     The board reviewed the revised school building lease agreement with Spring Lake Colony.

     Action #4177:  Motion by Matson, seconded by Hageman to set the budget hearing for Monday, July 8th at 7:00 p.m.

     Action #4178:  Motion by Hageman, seconded by Hojer to vote for Clay Anderson for Division II Rep position and Mike Miller for Large School Group Board of Ed position on the SDHSAA ballot.

     Action #4179:  Motion by Hojer, seconded by Hageman to approve the amended 2013-14 school calendar.

     Action #4180:  Motion by Malcomb, seconded by Matson to surplus the old meat slicer and some old kitchen utensils.

     Action #4181:  Motion by Matson, seconded by Hageman to authorize the administration to submit the Federal grant applications.

     Action #4182:  Motion by Hageman, seconded by Hojer to allow the Town of Ramona to purchase gas from the school to be used for city mosquito spraying.

     Action #4183:  Motion by Hojer, seconded by Hageman to approve the second reading of the following policies:  BFE—Administration in Policy Absence, BG—Board-Staff Communications, BHD—Board Member Compensation and Expenses, BK—Evaluation of School Board Operational Procedures, and the Classified Employee Handbook.    

     The next regular meeting of the board is scheduled for Monday, July 8, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the multi-purpose room.

     Action #4184:  Motion by Malcomb, seconded by Matson to enter into executive session at 8:20 p.m. to discuss negotiations [SDCL 1-25-2 (4)].  Chairman Beyer declared the board out of executive session at 10:03 p.m.

     Action #4185:  Motion by Malcomb, seconded by Matson to issue administrative contracts to Superintended Ludens and Business Manager Hagemann.

     Action #4186:  Motion by Hojer, seconded by Hageman to adjourn at

10:05 p.m.



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GayLynn Hagemann, Business Manager     Lisa Beyer, Board President


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